Finally Fall & Importing Japanese Urushi

The weather has been so wonky.  Ninety degree days when it's supposed to be fall.  Last week it was still hitting 100. But yesterday?  Ooh yes, it felt like fall.  For the first time.  At around 72 degrees, with a crisp breeze it actually felt fall'ish. Thank you all (the few) that read this blog.  … Continue reading Finally Fall & Importing Japanese Urushi

Dunch and Bill Gates

I just finished watching a three episode docu-series-kinda-thing on Netflix called, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. I was told to watch it by Grace and she nudged (nagged) me toward watching this show.  I finally succumbed and watched. Wow, it was really good!  I ended up binging all three episodes and for the last … Continue reading Dunch and Bill Gates

That Was Some Boring Debate But…

Did you all see Biden lose his teeth? That was pretty wild and kind of sad, and you have to feel badly for someone who has to stand for three hours, talking nonsensically about how blacks can't parent, and they need someone to step in and play record players and... speak words (?) until they … Continue reading That Was Some Boring Debate But…

The Winners & the Rest from 2nd Debates

Yes, I watched the second round of Democratic Debates moderated much better, but still with questionable questions from CNN.  Questions like, "Why would you be able to beat Joe Biden?"  "Do you like Kamala's hair?"  Okay, so one of those questions was not asked. But honestly, I really had to ponder whether I wanted to blog … Continue reading The Winners & the Rest from 2nd Debates

Animation, Anime, and Other Things…

Animation... After my last post, my son and I spent the night watching YouTube videos of just about every 90's animation theme song.  We began going through many of the DC Universe animation themes since this one was my son's favorite. Mine was the Superman: The Animated Series. This theme brought me to … Continue reading Animation, Anime, and Other Things…

Contemplating My Existence, My… Life

Do you remember when there were a few popular books titled, The Purpose Driven Life, The Untethered Soul, and The Secret, and other books that tell you how to live "successfully?"  Or, how to DO this thing called life. I've only read one of those books, The Untethered Soul, and would highly recommend it. The … Continue reading Contemplating My Existence, My… Life

Chaos Abounds! Dem Debates Night Two, and Little More

First off, I want to apologize to those who follow my blog because I am rarely political.  I watched these debates because I wanted to see if anything changed in the Democratic party and see what they had to say.  I also wrote something a little more heartfelt at the end, and I hope you … Continue reading Chaos Abounds! Dem Debates Night Two, and Little More