Target Vs. Walmart

Lately, I do a lot of shopping.  Meaning:  I drive from one store to another hoping to find bread, beans, disinfecting wipes (for basic household clean up), toilet paper, paper towels, multi-surface cleaner, and butter. These are all items that have been disappearing from store shelves, along with pasta. Pasta.  I already have pasta. Everyone … Continue reading Target Vs. Walmart

Will I Die from the Corona?

Whoa, why so morbid? It is just a beer.  It's not my favorite, and practically my least favorite beer.  I prefer a tasty German or Austrian beer - even Japanese biru. But Corona...?  Not my favorite.  It tastes watered down and weak - bland. Oh, yeah, I actually meant the coronavirus.  I was looking over … Continue reading Will I Die from the Corona?

Three Old Guys and a Babe

The Presidential race has dwindled down to a race against the 78-year-old man, and the 77-year-old man, and the 73-year-old man, and a lone woman of 38-years-old that nobody seems to notice is still running for President. [DISCLAIMER: YES, THIS POST WILL BE A LITTLE RANTY ON THIS INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY, AND I DON'T EVEN … Continue reading Three Old Guys and a Babe

This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

A poem (with many cute pics of dogs and cats).  *clears throat* My Love... This Isn't What it Seems this Christmas... so Please? How do you love me...? I mean really how? Sometimes you'll ask me before answering And then answer before asking And I am standing here with eggnog in hand But egg in … Continue reading This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

Our Worth – Something to Talk About for Christmas

I've been watching news and pundits for awhile now.  I've been listening to politicians and I've even worked for politicians.  But that's not what I want to talk about.  Let's not talk politics...yet.  (Yes, there was a debate and I'll talk about that later.) What I overwhelmingly hear from all politicians and pundits is that … Continue reading Our Worth – Something to Talk About for Christmas

Stumptown is a Weird Name for a Show

Do you find an actor or actress you like and watch everything they do?  Are you a fan, who is like a stalker, because you binge on a favorite actor's every show and movie? If you are, then let me tell you about Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders, a.k.a. Cobie Smulders. She is best known for … Continue reading Stumptown is a Weird Name for a Show

Over 50! Why Did I Watch this Debate?

Followers!  Yay!  I have over 50 followers! But also, yes, I'm over 50. Also, if you watched the debate toward the end you'd find out the age of the three top candidates.  Yes, they are all over 50... like by a lot!  Meaning?  They can all be my mom or dad, who had me when … Continue reading Over 50! Why Did I Watch this Debate?

Batwoman… Just Sucks, and Other Stuff

This will mostly be a review on reviews. I wanted to like this show.  I love Batman and enjoy the DC universe.  I think Ruby Rose is cute.  Yes, she needs to bulk up a little, but she's actually got a very pretty face, in my opinion.  I have nothing against Ruby Rose.  I liked … Continue reading Batwoman… Just Sucks, and Other Stuff

Dunch and Bill Gates

I just finished watching a three episode docu-series-kinda-thing on Netflix called, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. I was told to watch it by Grace and she nudged (nagged) me toward watching this show.  I finally succumbed and watched. Wow, it was really good!  I ended up binging all three episodes and for the last … Continue reading Dunch and Bill Gates