Inequality and Equality

"The truest form of inequality is to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle I have been considering the meaning of this quote.  My son the philosopher states this often, and so I have been pondering the meaning. On Philosoblog they stated: "Equality of opportunity is difficult to achieve, but it is (in my belief) a worthy … Continue reading Inequality and Equality

I Am Verklempt because…

...of this.  Please go here for only the speech, but if you want Paget's commentary please watch below. #Yang2020 #YangGang Yes, more Yang info.  This was amazing.  I love how Paget Kagy continues to post these videos, but honestly he is the only candidate - ONLY - speaking of what is reality.  I am … Continue reading I Am Verklempt because…

Time to Listen to Normal People

Let me say, there are a lot of politicians - yes, professional politicians - trying to make you think after Trump you need to settle on a lifetime politician like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Now, I would prefer Bernie over old Joe.  The reason being:  when I watch Uncle Joe after working with elderly, I … Continue reading Time to Listen to Normal People

The Winners & the Rest from 2nd Debates

Yes, I watched the second round of Democratic Debates moderated much better, but still with questionable questions from CNN.  Questions like, "Why would you be able to beat Joe Biden?"  "Do you like Kamala's hair?"  Okay, so one of those questions was not asked. But honestly, I really had to ponder whether I wanted to blog … Continue reading The Winners & the Rest from 2nd Debates